As a society, we complain a lot.

"I had to go to the dentist today"

"I hate grocery shopping"

"I have so much laundry to do"

"I'm so tired"

"I started Whole30. Again."

I do it. All of those. Honestly, those are the first 5 things I thought of.

People, we are SO SPOILED!

Let's turn our negatives into positives.

"I'm so grateful the dentist took care of this cavity before it became a REAL problem"

"The laundry is piling up, but I have a washer AND a dryer. I'm so glad I don't have to wash it all by hand"

"It's amazing that the store has everything! I think I bought more than we need. There are so many hungry people in the world"

Let's all try to be appreciative. Lack of appreciation can ruin your life. Comment below and tell me what you appreciate in life!

Speaking of appreciation, you can also be appreciative that you can order healthy food online and have it as soon as tomorrow.

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