So, when my kids mimic me I sound like an 89 year old hard of hearing woman, or a mean trucker... I think they are sick of me repeating myself:
"Pick up your clothes"
"Put on your shoes"
"Pick up your clothes"

Are you sick of hearing and reading the same phrases like:
"Drink 8 glasses of water a day"
"Dehydration is killing your performance in the gym"
"Drinking water will effect your energy levels"

Do you roll your eyes like you are 12 when you read stuff like that? I get it. Experts are as annoying as parents sometimes. Seriously, it's time for us to grow up and educate ourselves. We tell our kids to pick up their clothes so the house doesn't smell/look like a zoo, and to train them to be responsible adults. When enough people tell you to guzzle some H2O throughout the day, maybe it's time to listen. Turns out, drinking enough water might help me stay alive until I'm 89. I will let you know what I actually sound like then.

Check out THIS article. It reminded me of the importance of hydration.

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